Music and Performance
Music and Performance

A language is learned and sedimented in different ways.

To complete the intense program of academic activities, a rich and captivating path “outside the classroom” is conceived as an integral part of a project aimed at optimizing the whole training experience, favoring socialization among the course participants and to meet with local people.

Activities include

  • Sports and outdoor games
  • Music and Theater
  • Evening entertainment, quizzes and board games
  • Half and full day excursions

After an adequate research and preparation in class, students are offered the opportunity to discover and taste life habits, curiosities, natural and artistic beauties, through immersion in concrete situations and the visit to places of historical interest. and cultural.

These moments are appreciated not as a break from work in the classroom, but the opportunity for a guided practical intervention and, where there was the desire, the pleasure of measuring oneself directly with the taste of shopping

Playing Golf
Playing Golf