We advise participants to let us know as far in advance as possible about any relevant medical conditions, prescribed medications and/or learning issues and to provide us with detailed instructions.

EPLS assumes students will arrive in good health to attend their course. We are sorry we are not able to offer a place to anyone whose medical condition would prevent them from fully participating in the various activities and trips.

The school has the right to refuse any student whose medical condition has not been fully disclosed and discussed at the time of enrolment.

Appointed members of staff are able to dispense non-prescribed medications (such as paracetamol) or to administer small dressings as necessary, unless advised by families or family doctors not to do so.

Any medication brought to the course will be collected on arrival and kept safe by a trained member of staff to be administrated according to the instructions provided.

In case of emergency, participants will be taken to the closest Emergency Centre/Hospital.

Students may be charged for procedures or consultations, however, with the exception of pre-existing conditions, these medical expenses can be claimed for.

Please fill in the medical form with medical authorisation and hand it in on arrival.