We organise two full-day visits a week to places of cultural interest that will widen the participant’s knowledge of the area and offer a broad British experience.

Destinations are chosen not only to give the week’s sessions a boost, but for their educational zest as well. The key themes the students will encounter during the visits are prepared with the teachers or experts in advance or immediately after the trip as part of a complete learning project.

Classic destinations are Cambridge, London, Oxford, Norwich, Canterbury and Dover, Bury St Edmunds, Hunstanton and Norfolk Lavender, Sandringham House and Warwick Castle.

Senior Summer Camp
London Trip

"My first time in London? It was for one of our weekly trips and I couldn’t imagine the buzz, how lively the streets, the magnificent buildings and, most of all, the people … colours, cultures, food, attractions …. Amazing city!"

Giulia P