Established in 2006 and privately owned, Ely Porta Language School is not part of a chain of schools. The school was founded with the aim of providing tailored high-quality English learning opportunities. Our courses are delivered by specialists in the safest and most engaging environment possible and have both residential and non-residential options.

The Director is supported by a dedicated team of leaders, who take great care of our participants from the moment of enrolment, and a passionate group of teachers with the ability to connect with students of any age.
They are:

  • qualified subject teachers
  • teachers of English as a Foreign Language
  • instructors
  • experts
  • graduates
  • university students.

They work throughout the year to provide action-packed activity programmes creating a unique experience every time resulting in rewarding and valuable achievements as well as a lifetime of memories.

Teachers, supported by assistants, specifically
– encourage students’ creativity and cooperation in each session
– set tasks with outcomes that can be assessed and enjoyed straight away
– provide students with essential study skills and exam techniques
– create problem-solving situations for students to learn from a different country and culture.

The English buddies are local teenagers who come along and join the students to share interests and skills during activities, trips and break times. Their role is to interact in the most natural way with the students and to join in the daily life. In this way, they help the students to have an authentic ‘British’ experience, play/practise with language rules and pronunciation, and establish long-term friendships.

We offer

  • summer courses in England
  • summer camps abroad (Italy)
  • work experience
  • teacher training both in England and home
  • individual online conversation programmes.