Ely – Cambridge

Courses for

  • Junior (11 – 13 years old)
  • Senior (14 – 18 years old)
Preparation for the Cambridge Examinations (from PET to ADVANCED)

What’s so special about our courses?

We have the ambition and the desire to both complement and enhance the learning students do effectively at home.

We believe that actual language learning does not begin until the student “meets” the world where the language is spoken. The people. The culture. The habits. The secrets …

We provide every opportunity to meet and speak with local people, not only to encourage natural communication in English, but also to stimulate curiosity and questions about different aspects of English culture in order to start a process that will produce long-term results.

Students leave our courses feeling in control of their English language learning and they can see how effective the “a drop a day” method is.

Dedicated and talented qualified teachers share the programme with what we call “guests”: experts, instructors, volunteers and/or specialists who come in the afternoon to meet the students and share their expertise to create engaging, fun and enlightening experiences.

All participants are invited to experiment and perform something new to them, to discover talents they never knew they had …

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Intensive Language Course Ely Senior 2017


"After years as a participant, I have been recently asked to take some responsibilities at the Intensive Summer Course. So much fun for me to be able to welcome new students and guide them through the numerous activities. I loved it and I hope to be asked to do it again ..."

Giorgia N