Rules of conduct


We pride ourselves on the care and attention we give our students. Their well-being and safety are our priority.

For a pleasant and peaceful stay, it is important to have some general rules we all agree on.

Parents/guardians are asked to please go through, discuss and agree on these rules with their children before departure.

Dos and Don’ts

Do Don’t
Be Happy. Enjoy every moment …keep your concerns or problems to yourself. Talk to anyone straight away
Be friendly and polite and help others when you can …use bad language or offend anyone
Take every opportunity to speak English …avoid joining in and integrating with other people
Be punctual …miss sessions and activities, unless you have asked for permission from the staff
Be safe and stay in groups of two or more …leave the school or walk off during trips without talking to the staff
Eat healthily and try different foods …smoke or drink alcohol
Keep your course file tidy and complete, always ready for the activities and to bring home. Keep up with your diary …leave work unfinished and lose material
Keep your room and common areas clean and tidy. …go to residential areas not assigned to you.
Take good care of all the equipment and facilities made available to you …damage or steal school property, drop litter, draw graffiti or chew gum
Look after your belongings both at school and during outings. …bring dangerous items such as knives or inappropriate material
Hand documents, money and medicine to the assistants for them to look after when you arrive …bring valuables
Work intensely and take advantage of all opportunities …hide personal problems, difficulties with relationships or academic work, illness or homesickness.
Wear your badge at all times …swim with no lifeguards on site
Get changed every day …neglect personal hygiene
Bring your mobile phone to lessons and activities only when asked by the teachers …call home too often or use your mobile phone to isolate yourself
Cooperate with teachers, assistants and course friends …accept any rudeness, fighting or bullying
Make the staff aware of your wish or habit to worship …accept disrespect, religious intolerance or racism
Report anything strange or any unfamiliar people with no college badge on the premises …mix with strangers or give out your personal details before talking to a known adult

At Ely Porta Language School we do not discriminate against race, religion, sex or sexual orientation, disability or age.

In order to maintain participants’ safety and well-being as our number one priority we established that:

  • we are not able to accept children whose serious physical or mental medical condition has not been communicated at the time of enrolment so that staff are able to prepare in advance to meet needs and requests;
  • while the school is wheel chair accessible, we cannot guarantee that students who are not able to walk unaided will be fully able to take part in all the activities and trips;
  • the boarding houses are not wheel chair accessible and we cannot therefore guarantee safety in case of fire drills;
  • We are able to accept students with educational needs such as dyslexia, however not all our teachers are SEN specialists.